What is the origin of school?

When I was in the university, from the view points of students, university teachers seemed to have enough free time that they can spend on their studies. Most professors came to the university only when they had classes, which meant only twice or three times a week. It was a normal thing to do.

These days, however, most professors seem to come to the university almost every day like company workers. Someone I know who works at a private junior collage said he comes to the university 7 days a week!!! All Sundays and Saturdays are spent on some events in order to recruit students for the next academic year. This is a crazy situation that should be changed as soon as possible.

Everyone seems to have forgotten the original meaning of school. School used to be a place in which people who had enough free time spent long hours talking and thinking about what they were interested together. If you don't have enough free time, I don't think it's possible to create something new. Am I wrong?






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2014年11月09日 11:13
The original notion of "school" is "leisure" as you say, meaning it used to be a place to spend free time for leisure.(Greek "skhole")
So it should be a place for students to enjoy themselves by learning things through lectures and discussions. But nowadays it seems professors have to eagerly attract students to come to school because many students don't find it interesting to learn something there. The problem is that "school" is not a "place for leisure" at all today, isn't it? I think teachers need to focus on fixing that problem rather than recruiting students. I don't mean a "leisure land" but an enjoyable place through lectures and discussions.